Wednesday, January 25, 2006

welsh assembly rhodri morgan beheaded

Art therapy such a beautiful thing pity it hasn't made a difference so far to the policy makers at the Assembly, but then vulnerable adults aren't really vote grabbers. Its only a pity that the Labour party want the Welsh people to live in poverty while the professional elite lead a lovely lifestyle.
Well its true isn't it Rhodri, simple changes to primary legislation would make a hell of a difference to many peoples lives but for some reason you don't want that, you want them as slaves, living in poverty.
In the past the Left talked of Wage slavery hasn't that changed to Slavery to the banks. I think so.
What about water charges, and what about your wifes lack of involvement into this constituents problems, for the first minister you really don't want that in the news media do you Rhodri, but then it seems that certain constituents of your wife take presidence over others. but hell thats enough for today, the image is enough maybe the world wide web will be the downfall of poletitians, and they be forced to represent their constituents rather than some party or other, cos when was the last time you ever represented your constituents views any where Rhodri on anything you've voted on.
Or your wife
Crazydave 24/1/06
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